Explorations of the Cosmic Frontier

Uh, Nice Hat Bro – Chapter 3 (Sarris)

Crash-landed on N’Ganti III.


No injuries to report.

Group consensus was to abandon escape pod that is now likely a target. I suggested the most logical direction to travel in to reach any habitable area. I assisted sponge in fabricating some crude respirators to combat the radiation dust.

We encountered an indigenous bug-like carnivore, and after some close calls, disposed of it. I suggested re-implementing its exoskeleton as armor, perhaps a helmet at the very least – no takers. I did manage to harvest some venom.

I’m delaying my <edited> doses as far apart as I can stand and it is hard to concentrate.

We came upon a junk reclamation area with an autonomous worker bot that now follows simple commands and lead us to a repair center. Sponge thinks he can get one of these old toads flightworthy.

I’ve only got about 6 days left of <edited> if I push it; time to scrounge about and see about synthesizing some more.



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