Dracknocksock "Sponge"

Dralasite Engineer, Trouble-shooter/finder


Agility d6
Smarts d10
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d6

Charisma 0
Pace 4 Run d4
Parry 2
Toughness 5

Climb d6
Fighting d4
Investigation d6
Notice d8
Repair d8
Stealth d6
Shooting d6

Airborne Susceptibility-toxins and difficulty swimming
Bad Vision (-2 Notice and Shooting past 5")
Curious (major)
Loyal (minor)
Poverty (minor)

Pseudopods (6 max)
Keen Smell (+2 Notice smells)
Amorphous (no called shots)
Jack of all Trades
Danger Sense


A native of Terledrom in the Fromeltar system, Dracknocksock has bounced from ship to ship and planet to planet after having to leave “his” home world in a hurry. It turns out that the corporate authorities on Teledrom take a dim view of smuggling tariff-free electronics into system and generic meds out of system. “Sponge”, as non-Dralasite acquaintances like to call “him”, didn’t consider the legal consequences of the operation “he” hooked up with, “he” just liked the challenge of working on the clapped-together tramp freighters, and seeing and tinkering with the latest gadgets coming in from other worlds.

Considered an engineering wunderkind and quite tuned into the “feel” of mechanical and electronic devices, Sponge is hopeless when it comes to value and finances. “He” simply doesn’t know or care how much money something is worth, and tends to make very bad bargains. As long as “he” has “his” double-barreled boom-stick, lucky purple hydrospanner (how can a color-blind Dralasite tell?), and new things to see and work on, Sponge is happy!

Dracknocksock "Sponge"

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