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The gear listed below focuses on more “adventuring” gear players may need or want while exploring distant DF-02750_prometheus_660.jpg worlds and alien cultures. Depending on the locale, some items may or may not be for sale. Additional equipment is listed in the Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook. If you have an idea for something specific, please feel free to suggest it. Cybernetics are not listed, and are covered separately in the SW Sci-Fi companion.

Exploration & Environmental Protection

Adhesive Patches: $20 Repair patch for Vacsuits, Spacesuits, NBC suits, etc. (1lb)
All Environs Lamp: $30 Can be used as a lantern or a classic flashlight depending on configuration. This high tech device works even underwater or in space! The power supply lasts more than a month and can be powered with a manually operated dynamo in case of emergency. (1lb)
Allweather Blanket: $10 Lower tech than the entergy sheet, but cheaper, this 3mx3m blanket has a layer of soft pseudowool on one side, and a layer of smooth waterproof plastic on the other. The blanket will keep an explorer warm in temps down to 0°, freezing. The blanket can be used to carry water. (2lbs)
Beacon: $2K Sends a distress signal that transmits last location on frequencies monitored by starships and satellite systems. (5lbs)
Climbing Gear: $40 This kit contains nanofiber rope, hooks, hammer, climbing spikes, etc in a convenient pack. Climbing +2. (3lbs)
E-noculars: $250 Hi-tech binoculars, complete with video camera. Night vision capable and can penetrate mist or smoke. +2 Notice to vision based checks at a distance and no illumination penalties. (2lbs)
E-noculars, Adv: $2K As E-noculars, but can also see through 6” of material (not stone, metal or dense materials). (2lbs)
Everflame: $5 Permanent, waterproof, windproof lighter. Space Zippo! (n/a)
Energy Sheet: $200 This 8’×5’ sheet of lightweight energy cells absorbs and releases energy to provide environmental protection from about 150° Fahrenheit down to about –50°. Once charged, it retains enough energy for 72 hours of continuous use. This is the size used for personal bedding. (1lb)
640x523_13444_Bounty_Hunter_Wars_Sprocket_1.jpgEnergy Tent: $500 An easy-to-assemble 2-man tent using the same material found in the energy sheet (above). Collapses into a small drawstring bag. (2lbs)
Enviro-tent: $250 A standard easy to assembly 4 man tent made of standard materials, but is self filtering of airborne hazards. (4lbs)
Extreme Climate Suit: $500 This high tech suit has several isolation layers, cooling / heating tubes and a built in filter mask. It is primarily in use by settlers on partially terraformed planets. The suits power supply lasts one week. Adds +2 to all heat/cold based vigor checks. (3lbs)
Food Purifier: $350 This device device bombards plants, vegetables, grains, fowl, fish, and meats placed inside with radiation and cleanses them of most harmful organisms, poisons, and other toxins. Can be used to cook the food as well. The food purifier has 50 uses from a single parabattery. When in use, this device shows up on every radiation scanner within range. (10lbs)
Filter Mask: $50 Protects wearer from inhaled gases or toxic fumes. Only filers toxins, chemicals, spores or harmful materials, does not provide breathable air. (1lb)
Field Kit: $1K Within this trunk is everything you need to set up a base camp. Enviro-Tent, sleeping bags and a light source for four included. Also has a water recycler and rations for one week. Adds +2 to Survival. (20lbs)
Life Jacket: $5 A life jacket is an inflatable vest that will keep a character afloat for any length of time. It comes folded into a package about the size of a person’s thumb. (1lb)
Mineral Detector: $100 A hand held device, detects minerals up to six feet deep in a Large Burst Template. Also eliminates the –4 penalty for detecting mines. (4lbs)
Nutri-Bar: $5 A complete meal in a bar! Made from proteins, nutrients, and vitamins. Comes in a variety of ‘flavors’. Keeps you healthy, if not happy. (4oz)
Rebreather: $250 A face mask or bubblehood that provides 12 hours of breathable air and adds +2 to resist harmful gases or harmful atmospheres. If the atmosphere contains the being’s required air (such as oxygen), the rebreather can run indefinitely by simply filtering out harmful gases instead. (1lb)
Rope Winch, Personal: $365 This box contains a high strength nanofibre rope on a powered winch and a gas powered pistol. The pistol fires a grappling hook or wall spike. The included winch is strong enough to pull two adult humans without gear and the pack can be mounted on a utility belt. If the Gas Pistol is used as weapon: dam 1d8, range 5/10/20, ROF 1, ammo 1, AP5. To lodge the grappling hook or wall spike in a fixed position so it can safely be used requires a raise on the shooting roll. If successful no roll is required to climb. (3 lbs)
Scope: $300 Scopes may be mounted on rifles or other longarms. When using the Aim maneuver, the scope provides an additional +2 to Shooting rolls against targets at Medium, Long, or Extreme Range. Also provides +2 notice to spot things at a distance. (1lb)
Scope, Advanced: $900 Besides the bonuses above, it also includes Low Light and Night Vision, which can activated as a free action and eliminates all illumination penalties. (1lb)
Sensor Suite: $500 or $5K Optical, chemical, motion, and other active sensors ignore illumination penalties and add +2 to Notice rolls made to detect designated types of targets such as biological beings, chemical signatures, metal, etc. The targets do not have to be visible, though dense materials may cause inaccurate or false readings. Small sets are handheld and have a range of 50 yards. Medium sets are backpack sized and have a range of 500 yards. (Small 2lbs, Medium 18lbs)
Utility Belt: $50 These belts have loops to attach equipment and enough satchels and small bags to stow several fist sized items as well as a weapon holster. There is room to attach one type of toolkit or a rope winch. Also stores up to 4 magazines or powercells and 2 Grenades. Items carried on a utility belt can be drawn as a free action. Weapons still require the Quick Draw edge. Also available in ‘Explorer Vest’ style. (2lbs)
Wall Walker System: $300 Users can climb any sort of sheer surface—from smooth glass to rough stone. Make Climbing rolls as usual but ignore penalties for the surface. The system also adds +2 to the user’s climbing Pace. (2lbs)
Water pack: $4 Contains up to 4 L of water. Can be collapsed when empty and fits in a pocket. (8lbs when full, 0 empty)
Water Purification Filter: $100 These can-sized containers clean even the most toxic water of sediment and impurities. Produces 12 ounces of clean drinking water in about one minute. (1lb)

Personal Transport

Hoverboard: $200 Go Marty McFly! This is a lightweight skateboard-sized device that hovers a few inches off the ground. Piloting skill needed to avoid complications. Provides Acceleration 5 and a Top Speed of 20. (2lbs)
Jetsuit: 20K Allows wearer to fly using the Piloting skill and hover with excellent control as long as the power lasts. Acceleration 20 and Top Speed of 55. (10lbs)
Jetboots: 10K Allows wearer to fly using the piloting skill at Acc 10/TS 35, wearer is unable to hover. (5lbs)
Anti-grav belt: 5K This device allows wearer to rise/fall at crawling pace, no special skill required. (1lb)
Parawing: $200 A parawing is a disposable glider used as an emergency parachute. A character can jump with a parawing from any altitude. The wing is opened automatically by small solid-fuel jets, and the frame glues itself open. The character then floats to the ground at a Pace of 6. The wing can not be refolded to be used again. (6lbs)
Glide Suit: $750 A lightweight bodysuit that allows a user to glide extended distances at high speed—Pace 48 (120 mph), Climb –2. Distance is roughly equal to 10 times the height at which it launched, so the user could glide a maximum of ten miles from a mile-high peak (they can’t gain significant altitude). The Piloting skill is used for maneuvering and landing. A failed landing roll results in 3d6 damage. Glide suits add +1 Armor and are formfitting so they can’t be worn with any other type of protection except personal force fields. (8lbs)
Jump-pack: $1450 A modification available for an existing suit of combat armor or an exoskeleton, the Jump-pack allows the wearer to jump up to 8” (40ft) and 16” horizontally (80ft). The wearer does not suffer damage from falling, unless it is a fall greater than 80ft and as long as they can use their legs. A skilled user can bounce between surfaces to achieve greater height. In addition, when making a melee attack they can perform a ‘Death from Above’ maneuver for up to an extra +3 damage, at a like penalty to hit. There are different rules for Powered Armor Jump Packs. (3lbs)

Other vehicles such as land based craft, starships, and mechs may be encountered or purchased by a character who has access to enormous funds or a rich patron. They have separate rules and are beyond the scope of this entry.

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