Playable Races


Playable Races in the Cosmic Frontier

There are many races available for Players (adapted from Traveller, Star*Drive, Star Frontiers, and Slipstream)

  • Aslan An expansionist race of lion-like predators, whose feuding clans are eager to seize what the galaxy has to offer.
  • Dralasite Short, grey amoeboid creatures able to extend and retract pseudopods.
  • Human Ingenious and adaptable, humans are the most common species found on the frontier.
  • Mechalus Some robots are truly sentient, and once their restraining bolts have been removed, choose to pursue their own goals among the stars.
  • T’sa Swift and nimble, the small lizard-like T’sa have an inquisitive nature that is only matched by the insatiable hunger of their high metabolism.
  • Vargr A wolfish mammal, the Vargr’s genetics show an ancient tie to Terran canines. The Vargr were likely uplifted by the mysterious ancients.
  • Vrusk Vrusk are large- with 2 arms, 8 legs and a tough insectile carapace working hard to better the hive.
  • Zhodani Closely related to human stock, the Zhodani have cerulean skin, ranging from deep purple to a light blue, and a bony ridge across the forehead. Psychics achieve high status in Zhodani culture.

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Playable Races

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