The following skills are standard as per the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules, pages 23-27.

Knowledge (varies)


Some skills have been modified for the setting, or have setting specific versions as follows:

Knowledge (Astrogation): Useful to pilots and navigators, this skill is used to plot the best course through space, both calculating routes in system and when using the jump drives. In combat, Astrogation can be used during starship combat in place of a ‘smarts trick’ by plotting the course for a complicated surprise maneuver.

Knowledge (Computer Systems): General computer use is a ‘common knowledge’ skill available to everyone, this knowledge skill instead covers the design of new systems/programs, reprogramming rogue AI’s, and using complex systems- like a starship’s sensor array or adjusting the life support algorithms.

Knowledge (Engineering): While the repair skill is used for maintaining most general systems, this skill allows a character to see the broader picture of an objects design. It might allow one to know the exact stress points on a dam to better plant explosives or even understand the function of ancient alien devices. It can be used when designing modifications to a starship (but Repair is used when implementing the changes). It may also be used to get more out of a device or system than is originally designed, temporarily adjusting a system trait by +1 on a success or +2 with a raise.

Knowledge (Life Sciences): This catchall skill covers biology, botany, ecology, exobiology, genetics, and zoology.

Knowledge (Science): A skill that covers a lot of different theoretical sciences relating to non-living things including chemistry, systems theory, gravimetrics, mathematics and physics.

Knowledge (Planetary Sciences): This skill is the sciences of planets and how they work. Such as geology, hydrology, oceanography and meteorology. Also useful for prospecting valuable minerals.

Knowledge (Social Sciences): Xenoarchaeology, economics, law, and political science are all part of this skill. Practical application includes knowledge of Interstellar law, navigating bureaucracies, etc.

Lockpicking/Hacking: Electronic locks, passkeys, and password protected systems are far more common than a mechanical lock. This skill has also been expanded to include cracking codes and bypassing passwords. It is the go-to skill for those that want to get into places where they aren’t supposed to be, and is now called Lockpicking/Hacking.

Piloting: Besides aircraft, Piloting allows a character to fly spacecraft. A failed roll at a critical moment could spell disaster for the entire party! During combat, a piloting roll can be made in place of an ‘agility trick’.

Psionics: This skill is required in order to use the Arcane Background: Psionics. Checks may also be required to avoid detection or use psionic equipment. A non-psionic character could take this skill to represent knowledge and research into this field if desired.

Streetwise In addition to its normal uses, Streetwise is the skill most used by merchants when buying and selling goods.

Shooting: The shooting skill also covers the use of starship weapons.


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