Explorations of the Cosmic Frontier

Adventures of Space Captain Eliot - Chapter 6

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in here. WAY too busy being a space hero badass. You know how it goes. Well maybe you don’t…it’s pretty cool, though a little freaky sometimes. But yeah, gotta keep this up to make sure those future history vids don’t miss the good stuff.

So after getting off the wacky bug planet (finally!). We had some creds and a whole buncha crap to sell. Which we did, and it was boring. But after that, we upgraded the snot out of our new ship. Lasers, sensors, auto-pilot…holy crap! There were a few things we couldn’t afford, but The Fair Maiden is DEFINITELY going to bring the chicks now. No doubt about it!

Speaking of chicks…Laila. Ohmigod, she’s like a 10, maybe a 12? She’s like all the points. Pretty sure she likes me too, especially after I brought Digger back. Turns out he’s hers. Just like Uncle Pete says, all chicks do is take take take. But she’s worth it. She’d probably be an awesome girlfriend, but it’s a big universe and Captain Eliot’s legend is just starting. No time to settle! I miss her…

Uh, so what else. Oh yeah, we found a bunch of survivors from the Tequila Sally! It was cool to find out that we weren’t the only ones who got off the ship, and our new ship needed some crew, so why not? I promise I won’t crash the ship again.

Now that we have a ship with the coolest AI ever, we’re taking on some work. Nothing too crazy, just a quick run to Apalav. It went nutso again (surprise!). I’m just going to write this down here so I don’t forget: Captain Eliot, if you go to Apalav, there will be jerks chasing you in a car.

As usual, I was awesome…and badass…but mostly awesome! If I didn’t like space so much, if be an epic racecar driver. Do people still race cars? Looks so cool in the vids! Anyway, we delivered the ore and were able to find another, shady-tastic job. Fish delivery to Grilhosan. Sounds pretty easy! We’re probably going to get shot at again.

Before that though, we have to run up to Gaved to check in with Tuscara. So glad Caine’s around to handle this stuff. Snore!



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