Explorations of the Cosmic Frontier

Adventures of Space Captain Eliot - Chapter 10

Pilot, thief, captain, businessman, action hero, and now lumberjack! That’s right, we ended up going to Qarblus and met up with a broker named Marius. He told us EVERYTHING about the ferro wood trade. Where to go, who to talk to, where to get explosives (yes please!), and what equipment we’d need. Pretty nice planet so far. Something’s going to go wrong for sure.

Marius sent us over to Itsni, a church maintained by the Baratsa family. Supposedly the Baratsa would get us hooked up in rolling in wood. Along the way, we stopped at a shop to look at ferro wood figurines. She was all bent out of shape about the Baratsas, and told us to talk to the Berinis instead. Supposedly they’re more trustworthy, though her nephew is the dude in charge so she’s a bit biased.

I saw a pretty sweet figurine of an old school rocket on one of her shelves. I don’t know why, but I just sorta needed to have it. I didn’t have any credits so I tried to take it. Why did I do that? I don’t do stuff like that! I guess I’ve never really been poor before, and sometimes all the crazy stuff that we do makes it hard to figure out what’s right and wrong.

Anyway, we got to Itsni and headed for the church. There’s some pretty wacky religion on this planet, and the priest was seriously nutso. I think he might have been taking Red or something because he was seriously flying high. He told us about harvesting the ferro wood (old news!) and about some drama between the Baratsa and Berini families. One of them has a daughter, the other one has a son, they’re boinking and everyone is having a hissie fit. I’ve seen that story in the vids lots of times.

It’s a pretty low tech planet, so I was surprised that priest dude had a pretty rad tablet computer. Weird, but whatever. He gave us equipment and directions, so it was time to cash in on some ferro wood! While we were blowing up trees out in the woods, these monkey things came out to see us. Really friendly little dudes. They even warned us when the giant lizard-tiger attacked us. Caine was an uber badass and sliced it up like a pro!

We filled up our cart with wood really fast and decided to head back into town. Some of the monkey things followed us, but they’re harmless so we didn’t care. Big mistake! Turns out these monkeys, Enolas apparently, are like part of the dumb religion around here. We weren’t supposed to feed them or talk to them or anything. Being friends with Enolas is a big sin or something.

They escorted us to the church to wait the big mega priest to come lecture us. I told that dude exactly what I thought of his crazy-pants religion, but it didn’t help. They insisted that one of us had to stay. Screw that, I took my Enola buddy and bolted for the door. Too slow! Caine agreed to stay so that Spong and I could go and leave the planet. Fat chance! We’re getting the Fair Maiden and busting him out of there!



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