Explorations of the Cosmic Frontier

Adventures of Space Captain Eliot - Chapter 8

Ohmanohmanohmanohman! We heisted. We did a heist? We stole some stuff! Okay okay, recap time. So Vargyr guy that we saved in the alley is a dude named Grrvoidson. Remember that broach thing I mentioned? Turns out it’s some sort of communicator thing that talk to pirates! And it’s made of this super expensive material called ferro wood too. And! Tuscara put out a notice on the broach as well. Everyone wants this thing, and it’s worth super credits! Grrvoidson knew where it was too. The museum. Of course.

So Saris, Grr-guy, and I planned an awesome heist! It was like one of those Oceans 111 vids with hologram George Clooney. Best holoactor ever. People say I look like a young Clooney (the real one, not the hologram). Anyway! We waited until it got dark, we hacked the museum systems to cause a distraction, we snuck around with the guards ever noticing, and slipped out of there with one awesome ferro wood pirate-talking broach. Woo! Uh, okay, maybe not every bit of that went super smooth, but the important thing is we got the broach. We win, we’re awesome. Now we need to get the hell off this dumb planet! We’re taking Grr-guy with us so he can help us figure out the broach thing.



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