Explorations of the Cosmic Frontier

Adventures of Space Captain Eliot - Chapter 9

It took a little computer-fu, but we got off planet with Grr-dude. Retinal scanners are so easy to fake, especially when you keep your approved scans on a server with only level 14 security locks. I could bypass that in my sleep. I might have been sleeping actually…

Yeah, so Grr-man told us all about his pack and it sounds like a lot of sad crazy crap has happened to him pretty recently. He was park of the Blood Fiends, and everything was cool until a band of pirates, the Kforzain, started taking everything they could find. It’s the same group of jerkoffs that attacked us in the Tequila Sally. Turns out they use these broaches to communicate, and being a super slick dude like yours truly, Grrvoidson took one of their broaches and ran off. Take that, pirate dicks! Cool move, except he’s not actually sure how they work. There’s some kind of compartment that’s empty, and I can’t tell if maybe some kind of power source goes in there or what. I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

We jumped over to Carinia to sell the rest of our cargo, and to pick up more. No dice! Our broker was fresh out of ideas. Luckily brokers are like half-a-credit-a-dozen, so we hooked up with a rival named Ulrich and got some work. He wanted us to deliver some mining equipment to Hoblaro in exchange for a pretty awesome demountable fuel cell for the ship. We’ll be able to jump halfway across the galaxy with that thing, so hell yeah we were in!

The delivery went smoothly, and he even paid us a couple thousand more credits to bring the cargo right to his miners. I guess the ship that was supposed to make that delivery was MIA. On our way back, we spotted it. It was all shot up like someone attacked it! Doctor Saris and Sponge decided to check it out while I hung back to supervise. They found one survivor, but he died pretty fast after they found him. He told them “Wobluten”, which was the name of the ship that captain doofus flew. You know, they one on Aplev who lost his wallet with the naked lady club card in it? Yeah, that guy. That bigshot jerk at the club really wanted information on this guy, so we’re debating what do next.

Meanwhile, we need credits like super bad. After upgrading the ship a little bit ago and paying the monthly installment, we’re super poor! Sounds like there’s a job on Arturis that could be a lot of creds, or we can run over to Qarblus and see what it takes to harvest that super expensive ferro wood stuff. I hear you have to use bombs to get the wood. So awesome!



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