Of all the star-faring races, Humans are the most varied. As a race they are not as warlike as the Aslan, as businesslike as the Vrusk or as thoughtful as the Dralasites. Yet, individual Humans can be found who surpass even the most violent Aslan, the most dedicated Vrusk and the most philosophical Dralasites. Humans tend to value individuality and personal freedom more than anything else, but they do not hesitate to work together to reach a common goal or to protect themselves from attack.

Human3.jpgTo members of the other races, the most puzzling aspect of Human behavior is their curiosity and love of adventure. Many Humans are willing to put themselves in great danger simply to see something new or go somewhere no one has ever gone before. Some Humans (a very small percentage) seem to actually enjoy being in danger, thriving on the excitement of a life-or-death situation. This type of behavior has rarely been observed in normal members of the other races. This spirit of adventure has served Humans well, however, as most major exploration missions organized by local governments or private companies are led by a Human.

Much to their surprise, the Humans of the Imperium aren’t the only ones found in the galaxy. After developing the jump drive that allowed them to explore the stars, the expanding Imperium soon found enclaves of humans on other worlds, remanents of past colonies, and divergent evolutionary strains. Archaeologists had two main theories that both seemed correct, depending on the worlds studied. Either past civilizations had reached for the stars and then collapsed under their own weight, or some other space faring civilization Human2.jpgseeded them across the galaxy. Dubbed ‘the Ancients’, the second theory had once only been attributed to crackpots, or zealous cultists. But once the Imperium encountered the Vargyr, they knew for certain that the Ancients were real. The Vargyr borne evidence of unmistakable tampering in their genetic code. The Imperium also now knew that humans weren’t the only race seeded across the galaxy.

Special Abilities

Adaptable: As per the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules, pg. 16, Humans begin play with one free Edge of their choice for which they qualify.
Versatile: In this setting, humans also gain an extra 2 skill points at character creation.

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