Tequila Sally - Ajax Class Medium Transport

Tequila Sally

Owned and operated by Tukera Shipping, the Tequila Sally is an Ajax Class medium transport ship suitable for bulk Ajax_01.jpgshipping and freight hauling. It has room for 48 cargo containers, positioned along the main spine of the craft.
When sealed and gravametrically locked, each container can be accessed from within the ship, allowing the cargo container slots to be configured into passenger cabins, office space, entertainment facilities, or anything desired beyond its standard capability hauling freight. This configuration allows an Ajax Transport to comfortably carry passengers and a wide variety of supplies, even retrofitting into a troop transport in times of war.

Currently captained by K’Kraz, a wily Vrusk merchant, who has made the wise decision in hiring the players to help crew her vessel.

Ajax_02.jpgStandard for an Ajax Transport, the Tequila Sally has 2 sets of dual fire linked light laser cannons, one turret positioned fore of the observation deck, and one turret positioned on the aft section providing rear cover. In addition, Captain K’Kraz has fitted her with 2 fixed medium laser cannons for extra firepower.

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Ship Size Acc/TS Climb Toughness Mods Crew
Large 10 40/500 1 30 (7) 30 15 (12)

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Tequila Sally - Ajax Class Medium Transport

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