Vrusk look like large insects. Eight legs grow from their abdomen, four on each side. Their torso is upright in front of the abdomen. The torso is humanoid, with two arms connected at the shoulders. The head is above the shoulders. Vrusk hands are circular pads with five fingers spaced evenly around the edge. A Vrusk’s shoulders are double-jointed, so they can rotate their arms in a full circle without straining any muscles. They can reach any point on their abdomen or behind their backs easily.
A Vrusk’s body is covered by a tough carapace. This shell is jointed at the Vrusk’s elbows, hips, knees, etc. The carapace protects the Vrusk from bruises, cuts, scratches and other minor injuries. Unlike insects, Vrusk have an internal skeleton to support their bodies. Vrusk have large eyes that are protected by a hard, clear covering. The mouth is surrounded by four eating mandibles. The two larger mandibles hold food while the small ones tear it apart and place it in the mouth. They are omnivores. Vrusk have lungs, and breathe through many small nostrils under their abdomens. This arrangement makes it difficult for Vrusk to swim.

Vrusk are hard-working and practical. Their society is organized around independent corporations. To a Vrusk, the company he works for is his family and his nation. The company determines everything about the Vrusk’s life; who he lives with, what his job is, where he travels, etc. Vrusk give their company name before their personal name.

Vrusk also love beauty, harmony and order. The goal of most Vrusk is to become wealthy, collect art, and live in peace. Their love for beauty makes them unwilling to get into fights that do not involve their company. However, Vrusk that are defending their company will do anything to remove the threat permanently. Not all Vrusk belong to a company. Some are independent businessmen, some are company employees who were fired and some are just too rebellious to put up with company rules. A few start their own companies and eventually become leaders in their communities.

Vrusk society is extremely complex, giving them insights into how other cultures operate. They make extremely good diplomats and are savvy businessmen. Their analytical nature makes them excellent scientists as well.

Special Abilities: Vrusk2.jpg
Vrusk are bright and intelligent, but not particularly strong. They start with d6 Smarts, but have a -1 Strength penalty on all Strength based trait checks (including melee damage).
Carapace: Vrusk have a hard carapace that provides +2 Armor.
Stability Vrusk cannot be easily tripped or knocked prone, and get a +2 bonus to trait checks to resist such maneuvers.
Diplomatic: Vrusk’s insight into societal norms gives them Charisma +1.
Unusual Shape: Vrusk hands are not the same as most humanoids, Vrusk are considered to have the All Thumbs hindrance for all equipment not spcifically designed for them.
Poor swimmer: Due to their shape and the location of their nostrils, Vrusk have difficulty swimming without special equipment. Swim checks are at -2.

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